Why do Men like Football More than Women Do?

Why do Men like Football More than Women Do?
I recently did an interview about football and women. During the interview, I was asked “why do men and women relate differently to football?” This question made me think even after the interview. Why is there such a division between the sexes when it comes to football? Why are men more drawn to football than women are?

Movies and TV, like it or not, are major tools in our society that encourage social positions. On the screen, football is shown as a men’s sport. The scene is often a bunch of half drunk men in a bar yelling at a TV in the corner. The women are half dressed to confuse the opposing team, so the “good” guys win. The players are never female. Very few movies have a female that is interested or even smart enough to follow the game. But when they do, the character is a controlling take no prisoners character to make her more like a man.

Football is a sport that is tough, hard-hitting, and hands on. Men are often raised with the “No Blood, No Tears” kind of parenting. Football is an “I don’t care if your foot is facing backwards", you don’t cry “kind of sport”. Girls are treated differently about scrapes and bruises. It is okay to cry and let the world see it. Girls are raised that they aren’t tough enough to play football. So what is the point of learning if you can never play?

Socially, it has not been acceptable for women to like football. Much less play football. A girl’s sexuality is questioned like a boy’s if he wants to do something not stereotypically male. Girls play with dolls and boys play football. Just look at any department store for everything from clothes to bedding. There is very little blur when it comes to what are boy things and what are girl things. A girl’s bedroom is flowers and dolls. A boy’s room is trucks and balls. There are very few minor things for both boys and girls.

Football may be a guy’s game, but it won’t be for long. Women are learning. Those making money on football need to realize they have a bigger audience. Some men are afraid that women want to take over the game and change it. We just want to be included. The sport is great the way it is. We don’t want to play with you. Females want the respect they deserve for playing the game they love with other females. Just think, if you include her, she won’t be mad that you spent all day watching the game without her.

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